Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are both classical and durable. All of our wooden toys are handmade, one at a time, making each unique. Our wooden toys are made from redwood, pine or baltic birch. They are finished with mineral oil to bring out the natural beauty of the woods and over time the color darkens and becomes richer. Whether riding a rocking horse, zooming around the yard with a plane or driving a sports car around the floor, your child will love playing with our toys.

In our world of mass-production, old fashioned, quality, hand built products can be hard to find, but they aren't hard to appreciate. Each one of our products is hand crafted in northern Utah. The wooden toys take shape in our wood shop, where the pieces are cut and drilled individually. They are then meticulously assembled to ensure that everything fits together perfectly. Then a mineral oil is rubbed on each finished toy to protect and enhance the wood. The quilts are painstakingly hand-quilted to ensure the highest quality of resilience and aesthetics. Intricate shapes and patterns are then hand-stitched onto many of our quilts, giving them a delightful embellish- ment that is fully appreciated only on close inspection.